Come in, slow down... and let’s work on your music.

No distractions, only focus on writing, recording, mixing and rehearsing music.


Alaska Studios houses two brand new state of the art mixing studios. One custom build Dolby Atmos room and one Good Old Stereo room.

The rooms are mostly used for mixing, mastering, writing and producing but can also be connected to the rehearsal rooms and be used for tracking for example.

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There are three rehearsal rooms, build in different sizes to accomodate every type of band, production, event, …

All rooms have natural daylight, airco and ventilation.

Each room is available individually or multiple rooms can be combined.

We have an extensive connection system between all the studios and rehearsal rooms.
This allows you to setup your mixing console in a different room than the band, or use the mix rooms for tracking.

Needless to say, whatever your demands, we can make them work!

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Alaska Studios Studio 2


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By Cate Carter & Kristof De Dycker


We offer individual storage units for short and long term rental.

We have two 50 sq meters units available.

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